Meet the Pinpoint Team

Hello from the Pinpoint team of Andrea, Denise Kathy and Lore, we are based at County Hall in Exeter, within the Digital Communications Team. We have a long history of working closely with the Early Years and Childcare service, providing information to families in Devon about what childcare is available to them.

Most of us work part time and scarily, we’ve worked out that we have a combined service at Devon County Council of nearly 50 years!

What is Pinpoint?

Those of you who have been working in childcare for many years will remember DISC and the website of childcare information.  A few years ago the DISC website merged with the Devon Community Directory – the adult services version. Last year the Devon Community Directory had a revamp, and Pinpoint was born.  We still hold information about childcare but also much more as the information covers all stages of life – from a breastfeeding support group to a care home, with lots of services and groups in between.

What do the Pinpoint Team do?

We’re Devon’s Family Information Service, we hold the Statutory Duty for the council for this, but we also do lots of other things too.

On the childcare side of things, we receive information from Ofsted every day, they tell us who is new, who has resigned or been cancelled, changes to registrations, inspections and if you are late paying your fees and are in danger of having your registration cancelled.  We also help parents/carers who are struggling to find childcare, so this is when you may hear from us apart from when we are asking you to update your listing.

We also have responsibility for updating and approving Pinpoint listings, sending out School Communications, updating webpages, training users, web testing, supporting social media communications, collecting statistics about Pinpoint, user testing of websites, dealing with enquiries that come into us and anything else that could be considered ‘Digital’.

Our top tip

Enhance your Pinpoint listing with as much information as you can about your childcare business! It’s free advertising for you, and means that parents/carers can make informed choices. Please also update your Pinpoint listing when we ask you.  This will stop the reminder emails for a year.  If you don’t update, we’ll keep sending you emails and it will seem like we are nagging you, and we really don’t want to nag!  You can update your listing at any time; you don’t have to wait for us to email you.

You can contact us during office hours on 01392 383000 and ask for Pinpoint or email

What are our interests out of work?

Andrea likes craft and sewing, Denise likes to go to concerts, Kathy likes to go to comedy shows and Lore likes playing pool and surfing.  We all enjoy going out for a meal.