Meet the new Early Years Representative for the Devon Education Forum

The Devon Education Forum is an independent committee of representatives from schools, academies and other non-school organisation. The forum acts as a consultative body or a decision making body on education issues that affect young people aged 0 – 19.

The new representative for Early Years is:

Lydia Wright

“I am currently working at Horizon Childcare as Managing Director in charge of Early Years and Childcare. I love my current role managing a busy nursery and am currently working towards expanding our early years provision. I have been in the sector for almost 10 years and I thoroughly enjoy both working directly with children and managing a team.

Having been the substitute for the past year and a half I am thrilled to be appointed as the new Early Years Representative for the Devon Education Forum. I have been attending the meetings so far and found them very interesting. I am looking forward to representing the sector and would love to share the views of professionals currently working in early years. You can usually find me at provider network meeting or you can reach me via the following email address: