Maternity and Early Years Survey now open until 26 February

Please take the time to complete the survey as your feedback is important in shaping how services are delivered for families with young children’.

To inform and improve Devon’s Maternity and Early Years offer to families we are working with the Early Intervention Foundation to complete a self-assessment of our Maternity and Early Years system.  As part of this we want to gather the feedback from a wide range of stakeholders who are part of Devon’s approach for families, and so would like to invite you to complete a short online survey about our local arrangements. The survey should take no more than 15 minutes and will be open until 26th February 2021.  You can access the survey here:

We would like to gather as many responses as possible from a range of colleagues working within Devon, including colleagues working within Early Years settings, Children’s Centres, Public Health Nursing, Early Help, as well as commissioning and strategic roles. Findings from the survey will be used to inform  Devon’s Best Start in Life programme, shaping how services are delivered for families with young children.

The multiple choice survey asks you to select a rating from basic to mature for the 10 key elements which are set out in the EIF’s new Maturity Matrix Summary. Your input and insight is important, even if you can’t answer every question.

Kate Stephens

Head of Public Health Nursing

Devon County Council