MASH referrals and consultations

In response to our recent focused inspection and peer review of our MASH we have made some small changes to how you share concerns about a child.

There is no longer the ability to share information about a child without providing the child’s full details, where these are known to you. If you have a concern about a child or wish to speak to a social worker it is important that the child’s information is shared so that we can consider any history or relevant information known to us which could inform our advice or decision-making.

Professionals can and should continue to call 0345 155 1071 if they have a concern or wish to make a referral to children’s social care.

The customer service call centre will ask you a number of screening questions.

  • If you have an urgent Safeguarding concern about a child who is at risk of immediate harm this will go straight through to the MASH team
  • If your concern does not require an immediate response you will be asked to complete a MASH referral form which will be sent to the MASH team to respond to
  • If you require advice or consultation with a social worker a request will be made direct to the MASH who will then call you back to discuss.

It is the Local Authority’s plan to review the MASH in terms of its processes and procedure and part of that work will involve consultation with partner agencies about what has worked well and what needs to improve. We look forward to working with you going forward.