Local Montessori School gains Accreditation

The Little Children’s House (Montessori childminding) in South Brent has gained accreditation under the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB) scheme.

The scheme offers support and guidance to Montessori schools in order to ensure that their Montessori provision is of a high quality. The scheme, which includes two visits by MEAB assessors to the setting, also seeks to reassure parents that their Montessori school works with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

Building on the success of the MEAB scheme since it began in the summer term of 2008, a further seven schools have been accredited (and twenty-two re-accredited) in the spring term of 2017, of which The Little Children’s House was one. These schools represented a variety of Montessori settings, and the assessors that visited The Little Children’s House felt that it followed the Montessori ethos and was certainly worthy of accreditation.

Gabi Mills, childminder and owner, said “Applying for and achieving my MEAB accreditation was particularly important to me because I work alone as a Montessori childminder in a rural part of South Devon. I receive fabulous online support from colleagues nationwide via our MSA childminder network but peer review during working hours is not viable. To show my assessor every detail of my prepared environment, the daily routine and especially the independence of the smallest children was a little nerve-wracking but I really wanted to know how I measured up! I feel I work closely to Maria Montessori’s teachings, and I know the families and children are happy but could I do better? The reflective element of MEAB assessment was unexpected for me – I thought it would feel similar to an Ofsted inspection but although the assessor scrutinised my paperwork she also encouraged me to invent and road test a method of self-reflection highlighting successes. I was also challenged to develop the voice of the child in my observations, so even the smallest toddler can record their achievements in an authentic manner. These two reflective practices have helped me improve my day-to-day work, and attending the MEAB school leaders conference boosted my professional development further than any other training I have experienced.”

They have received their accreditation certificate and the ‘MEAB Accredited’ logo for use on their website, and were presented with a framed certificate to further celebrate their success — along with the other accredited schools — at the awards ceremony held at the Institute of Education in London on Thursday 22 June 2017.

The Little Children’s House is based in South Brent and currently has 6 children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years.

For more information on this scheme please contact Michele Dows-Miller at michele@montessori.org.uk.