Liz’s Marathon Run

On a very hot Sunday in April our very own Liz Carroll (Early Years and Childcare Advisor) completed the Virgin London Marathon 2018. Congratulations to Liz on this great achievement! You persevered with a training programme, an injury and did this all on your own.  I can still remember the day you said it is on my bucket list and I’ve applied for a ballot place for the London Marathon. Then the news came that you had been allocated a place, and the training began. Starting with a couch to 5K Liz did not like running at first but she has grown to enjoy it and has even started to become competitive with her times and regularly attends the Park Run.

So if you are thinking I will never be able to do that then think again! Liz did not run at all prior to this,  but she took on the challenge and she now joins the 5% of the population who have completed the London Marathon.  We knew you would do it, your determination would get you to the finish line and guess what?  she has said she has entered again for next year! What an inspiration!