Keeping babies safe

Devon Children and Families Partnership want to keep children safe and pass on key information that allows everyone to understand and act early to prevent harm.

Having a baby provides parents with lots of learning opportunities to understand what their baby is telling them. Understanding of this is really important and will inform how they respond to their baby when they cry.

Babies do cry, part of this is how they tell their parents what they need. They cry because they may be hungry, tired, need a nappy change, need some stimulation, over stimulated, too hot, too cold, unwell or just need to be close to their parent. It is a big new world out there that they are not used to with many sensations, emotions and new experiences. Like us they can be overwhelmed. They need reassurance of the world they have been born into.

For information and resources to share with families go to the Keeping babies safe – Devon Childrens’ and Families Partnership (