Incentivising Funding available

Devon Early Years and Childcare Service recognises the contribution that settings are making to the COVID-19 response in providing childcare for critical workers and vulnerable children. Some of you are operating more flexibly, for longer days and weekends, to meet the needs of shift workers and those working overtime and accepting new children when other settings have closed.

We want to ensure that funding is available and allocated to your setting as a priority by introducing Incentivising Funding.

Any setting that is open and has critical worker or vulnerable children in attendance will be able to make a claim.

We understand that each setting has different overheads and will be operating differently during this time, some of you will have the security of receiving Early Years Education Funding and others will be losing a lot of parent fee income.  Whilst we have this funding available we want to ensure that we can use it as widely as possible to support as many providers as we can. Therefore you will be able to select the level of incentivising funding that you wish to claim and it will be paid at either £100, £150 or £200 per child.

The amount per child is based on a provider being open for the 4 week period and the child attending every week.  A pro-rata amount will be paid based on the weeks a setting is open and a child is in attendance.

  • Group providers will be capped to £10,000 in the 12 week period
  • Childminders will be capped to £3,000 in the 12 week period.

The funding will cover a 12 week period from 23rd March 2020 to 14th June 2020.

We are finalising our administration process and details about how to make the claim for Incentivising Funding will be circulated next week.

The full details of the Financial Support we are proposing was shared in the Digest last week.