Incentivising Funding

Incentivising claim 2 payments have been processed and payments should be with you shortly. The deadline for claim 2 has now passed and no further claims will be accepted. Thank you to all those providers that have selected the lower rate of Incentivising Funding. This is helping us to use the funding to reach more providers and support the Early Years and Childcare sector going forward.

The claim 3 funding period is for 18th May – 14th June and the deadline for these final claims is 30th June. The funding is only available for providers who were open before 18th May and have already accessed the funding. Please only submit a claim if you require the funding to financially support your setting at this time as funding is limited.

As per our Audit and Monitoring process, if there are any ‘attendance registers’ not completed, your funding for claim 3 will be reduced for those weeks.

Information that was shared with providers can be found on the Incentivising Funding pages of our website.

“Completion of the DfE survey is a condition of accessing Incentivising Funding as we need to submit data on Monday and Thursday each week. The new Survey has been simplified and allows for an attendance register to be completed easily so we encourage providers to submit this daily. The Incentivising Funding claim will be reduced for any weeks in which the survey has not been completed.”

This funding was introduced for critical worker and vulnerable children only who were attending during the closedown period so please do not add any additional children to the claim.

If you have a child who has “Booked” in for a continuous 4 week period but not “Attended” you cannot continue to claim as it would appear the booked place is not required and the parents were able to care for the child at home. This will be monitored on the claims already processed.

As previously advised, since critical worker and vulnerable children were encouraged to attend provision in May, if there is an increased demand on this funding in claim 3 we may have to reduce the rates of funding to ensure there is sufficient funding for all settings.