Incentivising Funding

The deadline for submitting Claim 1 of the Incentivising Funding has now passed and the final payments will be made by Monday.  Please check your emails in case you have been contacted regarding any queries with your claim so that they can be processed.

You can now complete your Claim 2, for the period from 20th April to 17th May.  Can we please remind providers, that “Booked” should only be recorded for those children that have “Booked” spaces for each week and made a late cancellation.  We would not expect a child to be “Booked” in every week and not “Attend”.  You should not record children that were “Booked” before the closedown period if they do not require childcare.  Your Claim 2 must be emailed to by the deadline, Friday 5th June.

Completion of the DfE survey is a condition of being in receipt of the incentivising funding as we need to submit data on Monday’s and Thursday’s each week.  The new Survey has been simplified and allows for an attendance register to be completed easily so we encourage providers to submit this daily.  The incentivising funding claim will be reduced for any weeks in which the survey has not been completed.

This funding does not come from the Dedicated Schools Grant which funds the Early Years Entitlement.  Therefore, you do not need to declare the Incentivising Funding as Government income when calculating your staffing costs for the furlough scheme.

Further to the Government Guidance out this week, we can confirm that any providers that choose to open from 18th May 2020 will not be able to claim Incentivising Funding.  This funding was introduced for settings that have remained open during the closedown period to provide childcare for critical workers (CW) children and vulnerable children (VC).

The take-up of CW & VC is now expected to increase over the next 4 weeks, as more parents will be using childcare as they return to work.  As providers prepare for wider opening from 1 June, we will continue to fund the CW & VC, but will not fund children who fall outside of these categories.

If there is a significant increase in CW & VC accessing childcare, and being added to the Incentivising Funding Claim 3, we may have to limit the level of funding available, per child, for that final Claim.  This will be dependent on take-up of children and the level of funding that is selected by providers.  You can amend the level of funding you are requesting for each claim so please consider the amount you require, given your own financial circumstances when you complete your claim.

Our full details have been updated and can be found at: