Important updates on the daily Attendance Register returns

This applies to all providers and schools with early years children

In section 5.7 of the updated Actions for Early Years and Childcare Providers during the coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak the DFE has told us that they will:

  • ‘continue to run the early years and childcare data collection until further notice to ensure that we have information on how many children are accessing provision and if there are sufficiency issues
  • keep the frequency and end date of the data collection under review.’

A change to the daily Attendance Register returns for Vulnerable Children

This week our team has been analysing and quality assuring the data sent in on the Attendance Register. We have found that there are still several providers that are not making returns. The most concerning of these are the providers that have vulnerable children attending.

Please make every effort to complete daily returns showing whether these vulnerable children are attending when you expect them to be there or if they have not turned up.

The following vulnerable children must be added to your returns:

Children in Need
Children in Care
Children with a Child Protection Plan
Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan
Children with a Social Worker
Children on Right for Children the Early Help system

Please remember to also collect information from parents that are critical workers, so we know how many critical workers children are attending. The DFE sent us this yesterday,

‘We are continuing to ask about the number of critical worker children and vulnerable children because in the event of local lockdowns in an area at the highest level of restriction, only those children would be able to access childcare. In those circumstances, we would need a timely overview of the numbers of critical worker children and vulnerable children to help monitor sufficiency effectively. We hope that this will not be too burdensome as settings will already have had to acquire this information for some of their children prior to 1 June; any new children’s parents can be asked if they are critical workers when their child joins the setting, as the setting would need to have this information to hand in the event of a local lockdown. Here is the list of which roles count as critical.’

If you have any questions please read the frequently asked questions; if you can’t find the answer you are looking for contact the mailbox