Important changes to the returns made to the DFE on Critical Workers Children and Vulnerable Children

From Monday there will be a new system to replace the Monday and Thursday Smart Survey returns for the DFE. Thank you to all those settings who have been making these very important returns. 

You should have received emails about this if you make provision for children who have not yet started at school. If you have not received these emails, please contact  

Instead of completing the returns on Monday and Thursday you will be required to complete them for each day that you are open. All providers will need to use the new system on Monday. If you are closed, please go in and tell us. If you are open, please do the same. This will enable us to be certain that we know where all our vulnerable children in the county are and to ensure that they are being well supported. 

The system is pre-populated so that many of the children that you have attending will be on a drop-down list for you. If they are not you can email to get a child added. 

Schools will no longer need to complete two surveys. This applies to all schools, including independent schools, who will only complete the school return – their early years attendance data will be collected there. Private and voluntary sector early years providers will complete the early years return. 

You will receive all the information that you need to guide you through the system which will significantly improve the quality of the data that we hold. 

Thank you so much for your support with completing the survey, it helps the government to identify how many of you are open, which in turn helps them and us in the Local Authority to identify and target the support that is needed to keep the sector operational as we move out of lock down.