HMRC Delays with Eligibility Codes for the Extended Entitlement

Any parent who has made an application with HMRC but does not have an eligibility code by 31st August will be known as an ‘Amber’ application. The DfE have confirmed that once these applications are completed, the eligibility codes can be verified and funding will be available for these parents. HMRC hope to resolve the Amber applications within 2 weeks.

Providers may not want the child to start until eligibility is confirmed or may not amend contracts for parents who pay for additional chargeable hours until their code is verified. Any Amber families will have funding backdated to the 1st September for any additional hours that have been attended and these hours will be entered on the Autumn Term Headcount Claim within the total termly hours.

These Amber codes can be verified at any time during the Autumn Term so if a child joins in November, their funding will be available from their start date and for the remainder of the term.

In addition to the above, the Early Years and Childcare Service will be allowing any new applications made by parents in September, where the eligibility start date is confirmed in September, to also be able to access their extended (30 hours) funding from their eligibility start date (this cannot be backdated).

Any applications made from 1st October or with an eligibility start date from 1st October, will not be able to access their funding until 1st January 2018. These and any other families that are paying for additional childcare should be directed to the Childcare Choices website where they may be able to access some alternative financial support.

The extended entitlement (30 hours) is only available in Autumn Term for children that have turned 3 years old by 31st August 2017.

We are also aware that there have been some problems with the Eligibility Checking System (ECS) which checks the extended entitlement (30 hour) codes via our Provider Portal. These are being investigated and we will keep you updated via the announcement page on the Portal. You do not need to report this to the Helpdesk.

Update on Codes: HMRC have issued 3171 codes and we currently have 2486 codes verified by providers (78%).

The next few weeks are expected to be busy on the Helpdesk so we apologise in advance if you experience any delays but we can assure you that we will continue to communicate any updates to support you with the roll out of the extended entitlement.