Headcount Payment for Early Years Funding

The headcount payment was made ahead of schedule due to managing overclaims in a slightly different way.  Providers who have had claims adjusted have been notified.

The Autumn Term payment has hopefully included Disability Access Funding and Individual Inclusion Funding for EYSEND.  This was implemented in a short time scale so we are hoping that it is successful and will prove a better way of getting EYSEND funding out sooner to providers but it will also be included in future in your Forecast payment calculation.

However, the payment report is not yet complete and with the additional funding being included it has proved more difficult.  We did not want to delay the payment just because of the report not being ready.  You do not need to advise the Helpdesk that you have not received it, we are aware and can assure you that as soon as it’s ready it will be sent via the Provider Portal and you will receive your email notification.