Happy Families Happy Futures – reducing parental conflict programme

It’s as important as ever for children to be surrounded by adults who understand the impact of parental emotions on them and who can communicate effectively to provide stability and consistency.

The programme continues to deliver support to parents, whether they are in a relationship or separated via virtual formats.

Referrals can be accepted for the programme up until 28th February 2021.

  • Do you have any parents/carers, still together or separated, who are struggling to agree on how to raise their children?
  • Do you have any parents/carers who are struggling either in their relationship or in their separation?
  • Are you concerned about a family where there is poor communication?

The programme can offer support as part of a Children’s Services or Early Help support plan or as a single support offer to parents where additional tensions have been placed on their relationship due to COVID-19.

Our programme leaflet and professionals webpage can be accessed here. The webpage includes the referral forms that can be completed with parents by telephone.

Or, Jenny and Sophie are happy to discuss the programme and the referral process by  telephone: 01305 228460 or contact us via email.

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