Guidance on Notice Period for Early Years Providers

You will be aware that in our Provider Agreement (2.51 on page 13) we are now allowing a 4 week notice period to be applied to the Early Years Funding for a child that leaves a setting.  If you are implementing a notice period to funded time, you will need to ensure parents are aware of the implications that their funding will remain with you and they will not being able to start funding at their new provider until after the notice period.

Previously, the notice period was not allowed on funded time and there will be parents of older children, who may need childcare now or in the future for younger children or have advised friends that the funding follows the child.  This may not be correct depending on the setting.  Your parents need to be fully aware of this change so they can make informed choices.

Providers must or need to be explicit within their contracts that any notice period applies to funded and charged for time and contracts MUST be signed by the parents in order to claim the notice period.  If a child leaves without notice, the maximum of 4 weeks can be claimed from the last date of attendance.

This change is to support providers who may have parents that leave unexpectedly but some families may need to leave suddenly due to personal circumstances and 2 year old funding is available for disadvantaged families so we expect providers to use their discretion especially during this transition period where new policies are being implemented.

If you are a provider who has a child join your setting, you should ask the parent if they have been attending elsewhere and if they have given notice.  You may want to contact the provider to check the leaving date of the child and whether a notice period does apply.  We cannot fund a child at both settings so the new provider may need to charge for any hours attended until the funding can commence.

To avoid any late notification of changes to your funding claims, we recommend settings address this when a parent makes an enquiry to join your setting so that the appropriate fees can be discussed.