Green Bottoms Nappy Collection Service

Beach Buddies Childcare in Braunton have been looking into trying to use more environmentally friendly products and cutting down on our one use plastic by re-using containers. They now make all their own cleaning products, including anti-bacterial sprays, disinfectants and floor cleaners, and buy biodegradable gloves and nappy sacks. They have also looked into how to get rid of their nappy waste in a more sustainable way and have found a company called Green Bottoms who do just that. Some of the nappies are used to make renewable energy! They offer a collection service but at present there is nothing in Devon.

They have discussed this with a few settings and some are interested to get on board. If they can get more nurseries willing to participate they will try and get into this area.

They have quoted for 240l and 360l bins the following prices:

  • 240l fortnightly £18 +VAT
  • 240l weekly       £12.50 + VAT
  • 360l fortnightly £22.50 + VAT
  • 360l weekly       £18.50 + VAT

For 770l & 1100l bins (usually more than 10 bags are produced a week they charge a bin rental of £9 + VAT per week and then additionally charge per bag.

  • 770l (under 20 bags) £1.79 +VAT per bag
  • 1100l (over 20 bags) £1.64 +VAT per bag.

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