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Letting Ofsted know if you are open or closed

We have been working with the Department for Education (DfE) and local authorities to find out which early years providers, including childminders, are currently open or temporarily closed. This is to help find out if there is sufficient and accessible childcare available and to help support vulnerable children as best we can.

On 26 January 2021, Ofsted issued a survey to wraparound childcare providers on behalf of the DfE. The DfE are collecting information about wraparound care and sufficiency within the sector. Ofsted and the DfE have worked together on this to help inform the department’s ongoing response to COVID-19. If you have received this email, please complete the survey before 5 February 2021.

If your operating circumstances do change (you open or close), email with ‘Change in operating hours’ in the subject field. Please do this even if you have already notified us about a closure due to COVID-19 cases. In the body of the email, please confirm the unique reference number for each setting and the details of the change. You can find your URN on your registration, your inspection report(s), and on your Ofsted reports page.

Education attendance restrictions to remain in place

Prime Minister confirms schools and colleges will not return to full face-to-face education after February half-term.

Reported coronavirus (COVID-19) cases by registered early years and childcare settings

This data is published fortnightly. It gives the number of registered early years and childcare providers reporting one or more confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) by week.

Change made:
Updated the number of cases for the week beginning 21 December as this was incomplete due to closures over the Christmas period. Also added data for weeks beginning 28 December 2021 and 4 January 2021.

What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges

Information for parents and carers about going back to schools, nurseries and colleges in January 2021.

Change made: This guidance has been updated following the PHE position statement on daily contact testing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): financial support for education, early years and children’s social care

Page summary: Funding and financial support available for education, childcare and children’s social care organisations.

Change made: Updated to remove outdated sector specific guidance for early years providers and reflect detail on public and private income from school-based nursery provision for mainstream state-funded schools.

Ofsted: coronavirus (COVID-19) rolling update

Page summary: Ofsted guidance and information relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) for schools, early years, children’s social care and further education and skills providers.

Change made: Updated the ‘Registered early years and social care provision’ section under ‘Current activity’ to confirm that we may carry out further regulatory work if we have information that we were holding for a provider’s next inspection.

Data protection for education providers

Steps data protection officers and organisation heads of education providers should take to stay compliant with data protection laws after the transition period.