Government updates

Contingency Framework and wraparound childcare

The Department for Education have updated the contingency framework following the government’s announcement on enhanced response packages to tackle the Delta variant in some areas.

The contingency framework describes the principles of managing local outbreaks of COVID-19 in education and childcare settings. It covers all types of measures that settings should be prepared for, which includes those that may be recommended as part of an enhanced response area.

All education and childcare settings should have outbreak management plans outlining how they would operate if any of the measures described within the contingency framework were recommended in their area for any reason.
If settings are concerned about COVID-19 issues in their area and think additional measures in their setting may be required, they should discuss with their Local Authority, Department of Public Health or Health Protection Team.


Become a childminder agency

Application forms to complete to register with Ofsted.

Change made: the application forms have been streamlined with updated links to our personal information charter and privacy notices, for how we handle personal information. Completed forms must now be sent to Ofsted via email. The CMA3 form has been removed: the nominated individual can now simply email Ofsted with any changes they wish to make to the details of their registration.

Childminder agencies: inspection guidance

Guidance for childminder agencies about the main activities carried out by inspectors. It also sets out the judgements that inspectors will make.

Change made: updated guidance and added childminder information template. See summary of changes for more information.

Childminder agencies: registration and suitability

Guidance for childminder agencies on registering with Ofsted, including the process, fees and requirements. It sets out the legal background and the extent of our regulatory powers.

Change made: updated guidance throughout – see the summary of changes for more information.