Golden Tickets

Our next batch of Golden Tickets have now been sent, so you may start to get parent enquiries for next term.  For this term we have not sent any “ZZ” numbers so families where we cannot identify a child will have to run a check on the Citizen’s Portal –

Parents will need to have either an “MM” Golden Ticket or an eligible letter from the Citizen’s Portal with the “TYF” number.  The first 8 numbers of the “MM” number should be checked to the child’s dob and the “TYF” number should be checked to an eligible letter.  The “TYF” number alone is not sufficient as it is an application number only so you need to see the result.  You do not need to advise us of “MM” or “TYF” numbers although there maybe queries after the Headcount if the child’s data submitted does not match what we have on our system.

There will still be some families with “ZZ” numbers that have been sent out previously so please continue to accept these and email all the child’s details to our mailbox in the normal way.  You will also need to email any evidence from another Local Authority for children that have had their eligibility confirmed or “TYF’s” issued elsewhere.  Please include child’s name and date of birth.