Getting ready for GDPR

The Early Years and Childcare Service are preparing for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the Digest on 25th May, you will find a revised Provider Agreement. Please set aside some time to read through the document. All funded providers will need to complete the new Provider Agreement form to signify that you agree to the terms and conditions of funding that are set out in the Provider Agreement and that you agree for the personal information that you have shared to be used by Devon County Council.

You will notice that all the forms that we use to collect information from providers will include a privacy notice and a link to a new GDPR Early Years and Childcare webpage. This is to ensure that our service is complying with the new law. Work on compliance with the GDPR is still underway; we plan for everything to be in place and accessible to providers for the 25th.

After May 25th we will no longer accept old forms where personal information has been collected. If old forms are sent to us we will contact you to ask that you resend the information on the new forms. All old forms that we receive will be destroyed. These forms will be removed from our website and replaced with the updated forms.