Free Fruit and Veg Boxes available! Now open to more families! DEADLINE FRIDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER

Dear Colleagues,

We recently wrote to you about our Get a Healthy Start! initiative, which aims to raise awareness and increase uptake in Devon of the government’s national Healthy Start scheme. You can find more information about this initiative and the Healthy Start scheme here.

We have FREE fresh fruit and veg boxes remaining and so are broadening our eligibility criteria to reach more families in the Devon County Council area, to include any pregnant women or families with young children who are in need or have been experiencing a particularly challenging time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even if they are not eligible for Healthy Start at this time.

We are accepting orders for the boxes until Friday 24th September, 12pm or until all boxes are allocated.

As part of the initiative, as well as the fresh seasonal produce the box will include:

  • Six tasty, cheap, and nutritious recipes for the produce
  • Information on Healthy Start and how to make the most of it
  • Free vitamins*
  • Change4Life 10 minute shake up games for children
  • Breastfeeding support information

*vitamins available for Healthy Start eligible recipients only

We would greatly appreciate your help with reaching families who you think may like to order and would benefit from the box, so please share directly with any you may be in contact with, and with your colleagues and networks for wider sharing. Orders can be made directly by families using this link:

Boxes will be delivered at the end of October.

Please note that the booklet in this box is targeted at Healthy Start beneficiaries and therefore some of the information may not be relevant for all recipients, but we hope the fresh produce and recipes will still be helpful for families.

Best wishes,
Get a Healthy Start Team