Free early language continuous professional development (CPD) opportunity

Devon Early Years and Childcare Service has been invited by the Department of Education (DfE) to be involved in the delivery of an Early Years CPD programme that is part of a national Government initiative to improve children’s outcomes in early language, literacy and mathematics.

Called ‘Building on Success’, this programme is an extension to an earlier programme delivered by the DfE. The objective of the programme will be to offer high quality, evidence-based CPD, aimed at providing quality support and teaching on early language, early numeracy and PSED to support the development of the most disadvantaged children between the ages of 2 and 4 years, and whose learning has been most impact upon by Covid-19. The aim is to strengthen children’s foundations for learning, building their school readiness so that they can engage effectively in learning when they reach reception.

The 10-day training programme is for practitioners who have a minimum Level 3 Early Years qualification and will consist of eLearning sessions, including online facilitated webinars, access to curated resources, articles, and recommended reading, mentoring support, and peer support opportunities. The programme will be delivered by Education Development Trust and Elkan, with cover funding provided by the DfE to release practitioners for study. The content of the modules will be on language, mathematics and PSED.

Below are some links for further information on the training programme which you may find useful. You can also visit the Early Years PDP website for further information.

The first step is for the Early Years and Childcare Service to provide details to the DfE of eligible providers in the Local Authority area that meet one or more of the following criteria: high numbers of children in receipt of EYPP, education health and care plans and disadvantaged 2 year old offer and we will contact you if you meet the criteria to further discuss so please do not contact us. The DfE will then subsequently contact providers direct to ascertain if you would like any of your staff to undertake this CPD opportunity. Note that training would commence January 2022.