Free Bookstart Treasure Packs for three year olds

Bookstart gifts free books to all children at two key ages before school to help families read together every day and inspire children with a rewarding love of books. The Bookstart Baby Pack is given to children by their registrar and the Bookstart Treasure Gift Pack is given to three-year-olds via their early years provider.

To view the Bookstart Treasure Gift Pack please click here

All three-year-olds in Devon are entitled to a free Bookstart Treasure Pack which will be gifted through Early Years providers. All Early Years and Childcare providers will be sent an email throughout the course of the year with details on how to order your Bookstart Treasure packs for children attending your setting. Childminders can request treasure packs for children who attend childminding provision only and do not attend a pre-school or nursery. If a child also attends a pre-school or nursery they will receive a Treasure Pack at that setting.

Your four-year-old children should have received a pack last year, but if you have any children who did not, you may include them in this order.  Please remember, each child is only entitled to one pack, and children who received a pack last year are not eligible to receive a second pack.

Additional Needs Packs

For children with additional needs there are additional needs packs that can be requested. These are:

  • Bookshine – for children who are deaf or have a hearing impairment
  • Booktouch – for children who are blind or partially sighted
  • Bookstart Star – for children with conditions affecting their fine motor skills.

Only children with additional needs are entitled to these packs in addition to the standard Treasure Gift pack. You will not be required to bring proof of need on collection of pack, but may be required to provide it at a later date.

Dual Language Packs

Dual language packs are available for children with English as a second language. These are available in a variety of languages (detailed on the order form).  The dual language packs are an alternative to the standard pack.

Providers will be asked to complete and online order form stating the number of packs required and providers will be contacted by your chosen library when the packs are ready for collection.

For further information please see: or contact Devon Libraries Bookstart Outreach Officer