Food Surplus Schemes

Below are details of two food surplus schemes where local charities can collect surplus food:


Nurseries and pre-schools registered as charities can sign up to the FareShare FoodCloud scheme to collect free surplus, good quality food from selected Tesco or Waitrose stores. A total of 200 nurseries have signed up to receive surplus food to help reduce waste and the number of nurseries signing up to the scheme is growing by the day. The charities that use the scheme estimate that they will save around £500 a year and the scheme is designed to help reduce waste and fight hunger in the UK. Register your interest by emailing with the name of your charity and your post code and they will get back to you.

Marks and Spencer Food Surplus Scheme

Did you know that Marks and Spencer operates a Food Surplus Scheme whereby local charities can collect surplus food from the back of Marks and Spencer stores?

If you are a charity that can make use of surplus food items and can make regular collections from the back of your local M&S store, you will need to join and create a profile for your project. To find out more, send an email to or telephone 0117 915 1279.

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