EYCS communications diagram for early years providers

Thank you for completing the recent survey about the services that the Early Years and Childcare team have available for providers throughout the pandemic. We are using the feedback received from you to review what we do. ‘Communications’ came out as an area where we needed to do more.

There is so much information and change that we need to communicate that we feel it is timely to set out how we communicate with you, when we do it and what will be communicated where. We know that some providers have not seen communications that have been sent out and we want to make sure that no one misses out on what they need to know.

Everyone is different so we have a taken a broad approach to keeping you informed. There are four channels that we use, we recommend that all providers subscribe to the digest as this is our main way of communicating key messages:

  1. The Friday Digest
  2. The Provider Portal (early years funded providers only)
  3. Email
  4. Social media
  • To receive the digest every Friday – you must subscribe.
  • Funded providers have a log in for the Provider Portal.
  • To stay updated through social media you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Early Years and Childcare webpages  and the Early Years and Childcare Providers COVID webpage provide a good source of information that you can dip into when you ‘need to know’ something specific.

If you have any questions about communications coming from the Early Years and Childcare team please contact your Early Years and Childcare Adviser.

Early Years and Childcare Service Communications poster.