Extended Entitlement Reconfirmation Issues

Some parents have experienced technical issues when trying to reconfirm their eligibility through the childcare service.  Most of these problems are due to the parent having made a mistake in their original application which they have tried to correct, but which has instead resulted in a duplicate application for the same child.  These parents have been unable to reconfirm.  The DfE are aware this is affecting a small percentage of parents, and are keen to resolve this as a high priority given that parents will fall out of eligibility if they can’t reconfirm.

Part of the solution requires HMRC to delete these childcare accounts from the system. HMRC will then contact these affected parents directly, asking them to re-apply through the childcare service. This means the parent will then receive a new childcare account and a new 30 hours eligibility code.

Some parents may approach you with a new 30 hours code to secure their childcare place for the spring term onwards.

Please be assured that the parents’ old code will still exist in the Eligibility Checking System and so those that have been used to secure a 30 hours place for the autumn term continues to remain valid. To continue a 30 hours place, the parent will need to acquire their new 30 hours code before the old code’s validity end date.