Experience of the 30 hours extended entitlement

Little Dragons Pre-school share their experience of the extended entitlement:

At Little Dragons, we have found the 30 hours funding has worked really well for us. We have found that most parents who are entitled to it, use most of the hours, which has increased our funding for this term quite a lot from last years! This term is usually our quietest but this term we have only one quiet day now and the rest we are mostly full.

As a parent using the funding myself, I was able to help and show our parents how to apply, which made it easier for them, as sometimes it can be quite difficult.

Parents have said how the 30 hours has made their lives much easier and enables them to spread their work life around the school. This means more days but less hours so they are able to drop off and pick up their children from school which is great for all the children’s family life.