Education & Inclusion Direct Delivery Project Update – February 2022

You may be aware that last summer, after a thorough consultation process, Devon County Council Cabinet approved all the commissioned and traded services currently delivered by Babcock LDP being moved back into DCC.  This includes the services provided by the Babcock LDP Early Years Consultancy team.

This transfer will take place on August 1st 2022 and so over the past 18 months we have been working hard to ensure a smooth transition for staff and also that it will not impact on the delivery of our services to schools and settings.  The following provides you with a brief update on each of the areas we have been focusing on.  From 1 August, the services will be delivered under the name Devon Education Services.

Website information

While the main Babcock LDP website won’t be transferring across, the wealth of guidance resources and other information currently hosted there is being reviewed, updated and will be transferred to the relevant DCC website ahead of the transition.

Babcock LDP’s existing shop will be transferring across to DCC and work is underway to move all relevant information from their other webpages across to the shop, which also includes free courses.  Schools and settings will therefore be able to access information on available training and book places or other traded work in the same as they do now.

Transition of Babcock LDP services and staff into DCC

Inevitably, managing a TUPE for over 250 staff is complex and we have taken the time to carefully design the integrated workforce in line with the feedback from the consultation work we did at the start of the process.  The next step will be to carry out staff consultations and once this has been completed and the final structure confirmed we will share this with you.

Staff access to ICT in order to carry out their role

We know that staff having the right IT equipment that is linked to right systems is essential for them to carry out their role effectively.   We have therefore been planning the IT rollout programme, induction and training ahead of the transfer to enable seamless service delivery throughout the transition

We will continue to keep in touch and provide you with regular updates over the coming months.  We would like to reassure you will continue to be supported by the Early Years and Childcare Service and Early Years Consultancy team.