Early Years SEND Funding for Individual Inclusion

The recent panel meeting has met to review new applications for Individual Inclusion Funding.  You should be notified next week of the outcome and a letter will be sent to advise if your application has or has not been successful and what level of funding has been awarded.

You will not receive a letter for a child who has already received funding for Summer Term who is still in your care.  When funding is awarded it is continuous until the child leaves your setting.  Because it is attached to the 3 and 4 year old hours that are funded, payments are made on this basis.

Summer payments for Individual Inclusion funding will be processed by mid July.  Payments will only be made for those settings that have submitted a review so if this is outstanding, please complete and return to Early Years Funding (SEND) or by email to eyef@devon.gov.uk with the subject as “SEND Review”.