Early Years Personal Education Plan (EY PEP)

The Early Years Personal Education Plan (EY PEP) has been launched from Monday 30th April 2018. The system has replaced the current paper system used to monitor the progress made of Children in Care at your School/Provision.

The system brings information from the previous terms EY PEPs that have been entered on the system reducing duplication of data entry and time burdens.

Other benefits of the system is the ability to coordinate a central process with the majority completed prior to termly EY PEP meeting. The system has sections for the Social Worker linked, Key worker/Designated Teacher, the Young Persons (with adult support), the ability to set SMART targets and the PEP meeting

For the Summer term, the Devon County Council PEPCO will support Schools/Providers by organising and training on the PEP process at the appropriate PEP meeting. Any queries or concerns please email educationsystems@devon.gov.uk