Early Years funding – updates

Summer headcount task deadline – Sunday 29th May 2022

The Summer Headcount Task deadline is 23:59 on Sunday 29th May 2022. If you haven’t already submitted your task/s please ensure that they are submitted by the deadline.

Each term we have a number of providers that do not submit their tasks by the deadline. This impacts on our data processing and in return could potentially delay payments to providers. It is a requirement of our Provider Agreement that the headcount and amendment tasks are submitted each term. If you don’t have any funded children to claim for please submit a nil return. Any tasks that are reissued post deadline will be subject to an administrative charge.

If you have already submitted your task, please ensure that it is showing as “Submitted” in green. If it is showing as “Edited, not yet submitted” in Amber, please re-submit so the data comes through to us for processing. You can check the status of a task by going to Headcount, My Tasks, View all Tasks and changing the status on the right hand side to ‘historical’ or ‘submitted’.

The summer funding period is 1st April to 31st August so please remember to add hours from the 1st April 2022 which includes the last week of the spring term and the Easter Holidays (if applicable).

Please remember that children must have had their 2nd or 3rd birthday on or before 31st March in order to access the Early Years Entitlement Funding from the start of the summer funding period (1st April). Any children that turn 2 or 3 years old between 1st April and 31st August cannot access their funding until the start of the Autumn Funding period (1st September).

The Early Years Funding helpdesk is usually available from 9.00am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Please submit your task/s at the earliest opportunity (if you haven’t already done so) in case you experience any problems.

Two year old funding

Some children may be eligible for two year old funding if the parent/carer or child meets the eligibility criteria.

Eligible children can access the two year old funding from the start of the funding period following their 2nd birthday and continue to access this until they become eligible for the 3 and 4 year old funding at the start of the funding period following their 3rd birthday.

For children that have been awarded two year old funding by Devon County Council, please follow the process below:

  • Applications made online through the Citizens Portal: please ensure that you see a copy of the Portal message to confirm eligibility. The TYF number is an application number and not proof of eligibility. The message will include a TYF878 number and the ‘earliest date the child can take up a funded place’. We recommend that you save a screen shot of the message.
  • Golden Tickets: the first 8 digits of the MM number must match the date of birth of the child. Golden Tickets are being phased out but there will be some in circulation until the end of summer term 2022. It is not necessary for a parent with a Golden Ticket to reapply through the Citizens Portal.

For children that have been awarded two year old funding by another Local Authority please email a copy of the evidence i.e. letter, portal message to eyef@devon.gov.uk along with the full legal name and date of birth of the child so that we can update our records.

Once you are satisfied that the child is eligible for the two year old funding please add them to the 2 year old Headcount/Amendment task and claim funding for them in the usual way.

Please note that if a parent becomes ineligible after their child has taken up a funded place they will still be able to access the two year old funding until their child becomes eligible for the 3 and 4 year old funding. If they become ineligible prior to taking up a funded place they are not entitled to the funding and will need to pay for any hours that they require.

Please visit our website for more information on 2 year old funding.

Early Years Pupil Premium

We have recently reviewed our process for Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) to increase take-up and ensure that funding is reaching Early Years providers to support children.

We have made changes to the Citizen’s Portal so that when parents/carers apply for two year old funding they give consent for us to make an automatic check for EYPP when their child becomes eligible for the 3 and 4 year old funding. We will make this check on a regular basis as we know that family circumstances change. Once a child is eligible for EYPP, it will continue until the child starts school (reception).

If there is a ‘P’ in the funding column on the Headcount task or Amendment task, this indicates that the child is entitled to EYPP. It is therefore not necessary for you to collect the parent/carer information or add it to the portal. If the child is a 30 hour child, EYPP is only payable on the 15 hour universal entitlement. Where children are sharing funding we will apportion the allocation of EYPP across both settings and you will see this on your Financial Breakdown Report.

Some children may have received a Golden Ticket in which case we will not have their details to make an automatic check for EYPP. Where there is no ‘P’ in the funding column, and you think that the parent/carer may be eligible, please collect the personal details in the usual way and add the information to the parent/carer tab on the relevant headcount or amendment task. Once the data has been submitted and processed we will run a check and advise you of the outcome via a Provider Portal report.

You cannot apply for EYPP through the Provider Portal for children in care.

For any children that do not have ‘P’ in the funding column and are in care to another Local Authority, Adopted, Under a Special Guardianship Order or Child Arrangement Order, please continue to ask the parent/carer to complete the EYPP Declaration Form for Children in Care and email this, along with a copy of the appropriate evidence/order, to eyef@devon.gov.uk as these applications need to be processed manually.

You do not need to apply for children who are in the care of Devon County Council as EYPP will be allocated automatically.

We hope this process will help to reduce the administrative time for providers, identify eligible children at the earliest opportunity and increase our take up of EYPP.

Read more about Early Years Pupil Premium

SEND Individual Inclusion Funding

SEND Individual Inclusion Funding applications for Autumn need to be submitted by the deadline of 31st May 2022.

Please submit SEND applications on time so that the funding can be processed in a timely manner. Any late applications that miss the deadline will be put forward for the Emergency Panel Meeting which will be held in September 2022.