Early years funding for Autumn term lockdown

This is to confirm that we do not foresee any changes to funding for children over the 4 week lockdown period.

Just to clarify 2 points raised:

  1. If parents choose not to send their child, or want to reduce their time with you, funding will still be claimed unless they have given the appropriate notice period (4 weeks maximum for any funded time). We ask that you confirm by email with any parents that choose not to attend during the lockdown period that the funding has been claimed and allocated for their child’s place. This should ensure there is no confusion and that parents do not expect to use funded time at a later date either with yourselves or at another setting.  However, if you can fill this child’s place on a short-term basis, you would need to reduce their funding claim in the Amendment window and make a funding claim or charge, for the child that has filled the space.
  2. There is not a requirement that parents select just one provider for funded time and we know that a number of parents need the flexibility to share funding for employment and training reasons. It’s important that parents can return to work at this time as many are facing financial hardship. As a provider, if you consider implementing this policy you will not be able to insist on the 4 weeks notice period that is normally allowed on the funded time if the parent chooses to move the child to another setting. However, the 4 weeks notice period will apply to funded time if the parent chooses to leave their other setting, if that provider has not implemented this policy and continues to allow the flexibility of funding to be shared with other settings.