Early years funding for autumn term 2020

Thank you to all those providers who have promptly completed the Autumn Headcount Task. All conflict messages have now been issued and the deadline for responses is Wednesday 21st October.

During the term we are likely to see some scenarios where staff or children need to self-isolate and therefore, their funded time cannot be accessed. We are proposing, that for funding purposes, these will be classed as sickness and funding will be claimed for in the normal way. If as a provider, you are able to offer this funded time elsewhere, that is for you to consider and agree with parents but this is not a requirement from DCC. If you compare the scenario to a school, any absence/closure will not be provided at a later date.

If there is a scenario where a child does not need to self-isolate but the setting has to reduce numbers due to staffing, that child may need to access childcare elsewhere. In this scenario the funding will follow the child and you will need to make an adjustment.

If you are a setting taking a child for additional hours or for a short-term placement, please ensure you communicate with the other setting and agree by email, any changes that will be required for the Amendment Task to prevent any overclaim of funding.

This is local guidance and subject to change if the Government advise that alternative funding arrangements are required.

Providers should also consider what policies they have in place for fee paying services if there is a requirement for an individual or bubble to self-isolate or if the setting should close. Please consider the information that came from the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) that was shared in May during the lockdown period, when reviewing your policies.

As per our previous communication, the DfE had advised that funding for Autumn term 2020 will be protected and we have advised that we will be processing a ‘top-up’ payment in November for settings where numbers have reduced.