Early Years Funding – Charging Parents

Further to some recent enquiries from providers who are reviewing their hourly charges and additional fees in preparation for the new financial year, please can we draw your attention to page 12 of the Provider Agreement.

Additional Charges are allowed but Top-Up Fees are not.

Your Charging Policy should clearly confirm what meals, consumables, activities are included in any Additional Charge.  However, accessing the chargeable services cannot be a condition of the child accessing a funded space and providers must have alternative options available and be mindful of the impact of additional charges on the most disadvantaged families.

The Early Years Funding is to enable parents to access their 15/30 hour funded entitlement and they cannot be charged the difference between your normal hourly rate and the funding you receive, which is known as a “Top-Up”.  If you are planning changes to your fees for April, please ensure that it is within the acceptable Additional Charges format.

Any additional chargeable hours offered over and above the funded entitlement or accessed at times of the day which is not part of your funded model, is a private arrangement between yourself and your parents and can be inclusive of consumables and charged for as per your charging policy.

If you are increasing your fees, please can you remind parents that they can visit the www.childcarechoices.gov.uk website to see if they qualify for any further assistance.