Early years funding – change to ‘run a new check’ for 30 hour funding

Following a recent upgrade there has been a small change to running a new check on a 30 hour code.

When you select ‘run a new check’ you see the screen below. The system will allow you to enter the forename and surname to search your Headcount Task for a child already at your setting. If the child has been entered onto your Headcount you will be able to select the child and run a 30 hour check.

If you have ‘no records found’ you simply click ‘child not found’ and you will be able to enter the date of birth, National Insurance number and eligibility code and run an adhoc check.

If you run an adhoc check, you must remember to enter the 11 digit code onto the child’s record when they are added to your Headcount / Amendment Task.

Screen shot showing how to run a new check.