Early Years Entitlement Funding – Autumn Term 2020 Top-up Funding

Post update 6 November – Top-up payments will be processed by 30 November

The revised guidance, issued by the Department for Education on 20th July, sets out the government’s position on funding for Early Years Providers and for Local Authorities for the Autumn Term 2020.

From September, if providers have fewer children as a result of low demand from parents or for public health reasons, they can be funded as if the coronavirus pandemic were not happening. We know that providers have lower numbers in the Autumn Term due to school starters so this should provide some financial security for another term to nurseries and childminders who are open, with regards to the Early Years Funding they will receive.

For Devon Early Years providers we propose to keep all of our administration processes the same. The Forecast payment will be made within the first week of September and the Headcount Task will be completed and submitted as normal. Once the data has been processed, you will receive your headcount payment (this will be made approximately 6 weeks after the headcount task deadline) and we will then compare the Autumn 2020 data to Autumn 2019.  Where providers have seen a reduction a ‘top-up’ payment will be made.  We are assuming that this will exclude Early Years Pupil Premium and Individual Inclusion Funding as both of these funding streams are specific to individual children.

Please note: we will not be able to fund providers who are closed at the start of the Autumn Term where the closure is not for Public Health reasons. If you think this applies to your setting please contact the Helpdesk as soon as possible to prevent any overpayment. If you have opened later in the term or have other restrictions in place which have prevented children accessing your provision from the start of September, the top-up funding will be adjusted based on the number of weeks you are open.