Early Help and SEND Survey

Following the recent SEND inspection by Ofsted in December 2018, it has been agreed to support a Devon wide survey to better gauge the current level of understanding of SEND and early help within our workforce.  The survey will cover all agencies in the Devon Children and Families Partnership including schools. The results of this survey will be used to inform training which we will roll out across the county and also to provide a baseline from which to measure the impact of this work.  The survey will allow us to analyse the responses by service area and locality – helping to ensure we have reach and enabling us to provide feedback to service leaders.

We are aiming for a 30% return rate, but need 10% per service area as an absolute minimum. We agreed that each service would decide how best to achieve this goal, and some decided they would send this to everyone whilst others decided to target a %.  Please can I remind you that if you target users we need to ensure appropriate breadth and not just replies from those who normally respond well to requests for support (as they are most likely to be better informed in the first place).

The survey contains an introduction section but in order to get the level of response required it really needs your personal endorsement to ensure your staff appreciate the importance of its completion.

The survey can be completed here.

Please ensure that surveys are completed by Monday 5th August.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the send improvement programme – mailbox.