E-learning resource: Bereavement and Covid-19

Balloons is the local child bereavement support charity, working closely with partner schools in our area of Devon. We have suspended our face to face support for grieving pupils for the time being.

We have produced a new e-learning resource for schools, which will also be helpful for other professionals – social services, adoption and fostering etc.

The video is available as an open access resource on the home page of our website: www.balloonscharity.co.uk.

It is approx. 45 minutes long.

In it we explore the common questions/concerns that schools are raising with us, and give tips and ideas for amongst other things:

  • how to support pupils bereaved during the global pandemic, either through Covid-19 or any other death
  • how to support pupils with a historical bereavement which has been ‘re-triggered’
  • how to help anxious pupils worrying about death

We hope it is helpful. We are still responding to all enquiries from schools even though we can’t take referrals in the usual way.