Disability Access Funding (DAF) Applications – Online

We have recently upgraded the Provider Portal to allow for DAF applications to be made online.  You will shortly see a new icon on the ‘Home’ screen of the Provider Portal entitled ‘Disability Access Funding’.

If you have any DAF applications and feel confident to enter them online, please process them through the Provider Portal.

We are currently in the process of producing some guidance/instructions and all applications moving forward will be via the Portal. If you have any problems entering any applications please continue to email the application and evidence to eyef@devon.gov.uk and we will process them for you.

Once approved you will receive a notification via the Provider Portal to confirm that it’s been processed. Messages regarding applications can be viewed in the Disability Access Funding section of the Provider Portal. Depending on the time of application payment will be either made with your Headcount payment or Amendment payment each term.