DFE returns and our data collection survey

Thank you to those of you who have been completing the Monday and Thursday survey. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is that you make these returns.

  1. The DFE need an overview of what provision is available across the country and to whom
  2. Devon County Council (DCC) need to ensure that there is enough provision for critical workers and vulnerable children
  3. DCC want to support providers that are not currently open so that there will be enough childcare available when the pandemic is over
  4. DCC want to be clear which providers need support whilst they are open
  5. DCC will use the survey returns to inform the appropriate level of support.

The DFE has made a key change this week in the return that we are making – they no longer require information on the availability of and attendance at before- and after-school childcare for school aged children. To reflect this, our survey now only covers childcare for children aged 0-4 (excluding those in Reception).

The DFE are asking for breakdowns by group-based early years providers, school-based early years providers and childminders our survey reflects these changes. Pre-school provision run by governing bodies of schools should be included in the return.

You will need to re-visit the same link to take the same survey twice a week. We will not send reminders to you.

Access the survey here.

(please note- if you have told us that you are closed you don’t need to do a return, however if that changes and you reopen, it is important that you complete a return at the point that happens)