Devon Early Years Weekly Attendance Survey

Thank you to all of you who have submitted the Weekly Attendance Survey. The number of submissions is increasing but we still need more of you to send in your attendance information each week.

Please be aware that your weekly email with a unique link to the Weekly Attendance Survey will be sent to you on a Thursday by 6pm and as a reminder on a Tuesday.

Once you have submitted the survey you will not be able to use the same link again, please wait for a new link to be sent to you. If you didn’t make a submission using the link that was sent for that week, the link will not work after the Wednesday submission date has passed. Each link we send is specific to the week it is sent. You can check the date on each email to make sure you are using the right link for the current week.

Please do not worry if you have missed submitting a survey. We do not need any backdated, but we do need you to start completing as soon as possible please.

Several providers have found the email with the Attendance Survey Link in their spam or junk mailbox. To make sure the email doesn’t automatically get sent to your junk or spam folder please try these tips:

Frequently asked questions.