Devon Children and Young Peoples Plan 2019-2022 – will you support children and young people to tell us their views?

The Devon Children and Families Partnership (DCFP) is made up of all of the organisations who support children alongside parents, carers and children and young people.  We are committed to work together to ensure children and families can get the right support, in the right place at the right time. 

To help us to work really well together we have written a Children and Young Peoples (CYP) Plan.

We would be grateful if as a partner of the DCFP your organisation could support engagement with parents, carers, children and young people over the next 6 weeks.

We have developed the Children and Young Peoples Plan from the things staff, parents and children have told us are important.  We are now checking we have got this right.   

  • We need to know if the plan is clear and accessible? Is the language clear and easy to understand?  
  • Are the priorities the right ones for Devon’s children?  

We would like there to be many ways for people to tell us their views.  Both staff in services and children and parents/ carers.  

The CYP Plan and online questionnaire are available here: but we know it is often easier for people to have a conversation about this and then give feedback through local agencies.  We would like it if you could arrange for ways to meet with people to discuss the plan and then either direct them to feedback online or do that for them or a group of people.

If you need any support with this please contact us via the DCFP mailbox ( )

We will be talking more throughout the year ahead about these priorities and so there will be other occasions you can join this conversation.   

Many thanks for your supporting this engagement.   

Devon Children and Families Partnership Team