COVID 19 Attendance Register – use of system from June 25th 2020

We really appreciate your assistance in supplying COVID:19 attendance data over the past weeks. The solution was designed to reduce duplication and we have undertaken a review of the data collection to ensure the request from the Local Authority is continued to be kept as low as possible.

You will notice from the 25th June 2020 that the first question screen has been amended, the new screen and guidance on the question are shown below:

Example questions

  1. Are you open today?
    If you are closed please answer no and click submit, you will not need to respond again until you reopen
  2. Have you been able to meet all requests for childcare/education required today?
    If you have had requests for places for the date of submission that you are unable to fulfil please select “No”.
  3. If you have been unable to accommodate all requests today – what is the total number of children affected?
    This question will appear if you answer “No” to question 2. Please indicate the number of places you have not been able to accommodate
  4. Total number of children attending today?
    Please enter the total number of children attending your education/childcare provision today.

On the child register please continue to supply the attendance detail for:

Example questions

  • Early Years – All Vulnerable / Critical Worker children
  • Schools/FE – Vulnerable Children Only

If you are a provider who has previously been closed but are now open we would ask that you start to complete the Attendance Register please.

Any questions please email: