Advice on reporting confirmed cases of COVID-19

Please report all confirmed cases of COVID-19 to the Local Authority.

Public Health Devon have advised that if you are not getting a timely response from DfE or PHE SW HPT and need advice, please request a call back from the Devon County Council Public Health Team by adding this request to your smart survey return in the ‘Additional Comments / Questions’ section.

For single confirmed cases – DfE Helpline:

Call the DfE Helpline if you need support for single confirmed cases 0800 046 8687 ​(Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm and Sat/Sun 10am – 6pm) and follow the National Action Card for your setting. You can still contact the DfE helpline if you have further single cases, but you do not need to if you feel confident to follow the guidance to identify and isolate close contacts without further support.

For two or more confirmed cases in the same group or class:

Follow the National Action Card for your setting. The LA can provide support as well as the PHE SW HPT if you need it (see below)


PHE SW HPT have issued updated information for educational settings attached. They have been updated to reflect the National Action Cards

  1. Updated educational settings checklist (Acute Respiratory Infection management in education settings)
  2. Updated educational settings flow chart (Guidance for Childcare and Educational Settings in the management of COVID-19)

A key change is the escalation criteria for settings to call the HPT as follows:

  • Number of cases exceeds 5 within 14 days
  • You’ve taken appropriate action but are still seeing more cases
  • You’re thinking you might need to close because of the number of people affected
  • Somebody in your education setting has been admitted to hospital
  • You’re getting significant interest from local media

Checklist for acute respiratory infection management in educational settings.