British Red Cross Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund was created by the British Red Cross to help those most financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

The British Red Cross are looking for organisations to become a ‘Referral Partner’ for the Hardship Fund. This means if an organisation has a beneficiary who does not have access to basic living essentials (see list below), they can order the individual a pre-paid card through the Hardship Fund scheme.

The fund provides short term financial help for people who can’t afford essentials such as:

  • Food and toiletries
  • Somewhere safe to sleep
  • A telephone and the internet
  • Fuel to keep the lights on, cook or stay warm

The British Red Cross are looking to target the following beneficiary groups:

  • People with No Recourse to Public Funds
  • People aged 70 or older
  • People who have had disruption or delays to welfare benefits or asylum support
  • Households who have lost their primary earner to coronavirus
  • Survivors of gender-based violence, including domestic abuse
  • People facing homelessness or living in temporary accommodation

For more information, or to progress your registration as a referral partner, please visit the Hardship Fund website.