Bookstart Treasure Packs move from universal to a targeted approach

BookTrust – the charity which has been providing Treasure packs to all 3 year olds have changed their offer. Early Years providers used to order Treasure Packs for and collect them from a library of their choice. We are sorry but this offer is now finished.

BookTrust have a new pilot offer in place for pre-schoolers and it will only be available to targeted children such as those in areas of deprivation. Devon used to receive 6090 Treasure packs per year but as the criteria has changed, we will now be receiving 2850 of the new ‘Pre-schooler packs.’ Therefore, we need to ensure that the new packs only are delivered to the children in most need.

Early Years providers in areas of deprivation will receive emails to order the new ‘pre-schooler’ packs for 2022-2023 as follows:

  • Torridge & North Devon – (Bideford, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Chulmleigh, Holsworthy) Sept 2022
  • Teignbridge – (Newton Abbot, Teignmouth, Dawlish) Jan 2023
  • Exeter – (Central and Chestnut, West Exe) March 2023

If you are not in an area listed above you will not receive an email. However, if you feel that you have a family in need who will miss out then you can encourage the family to visit their local library or Children’s Centre or contact Dominique at:

There is a further explanation from BookTrust below:

What is the rationale for moving towards a targeted, rather than universal approach? How does BookTrust define the target audience for the pilot?

In terms of the pilot, this project is aimed at low-income families with a child aged 1-4. The 36% of families (2.2 million children) with at least one child under 5 on low income (Nuffield Foundation, 2021). It makes sense for BookTrust to focus resources on those children less likely to develop a reading habit who have less access to books and resources and face other barriers. Taking this approach means we can reach more children and families who need our support rather than using the majority of our resource with families who already have access to books.

We hope to build a pathway from BookStart Baby to Time to Read enabling all children 0-5 to get the support they need on their reading journey.

We do recognise that by using the premise for this pilot that although we will broadly be based in settings within areas of higher deprivation and/or working with those projects or organisations that specialise in working with low-income families, there will always be some beneficiaries who don’t fall into our target group.

How were the figures reached for distribution per local authority?

Poverty data and population size were used to determine allocations per local authority. These are allocated proportionally, so authorities receive an allocation relative to their population size and poverty levels.

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