Better Health Exeter Survey

Better Health Exeter is a new project funded by the RD&E Hospital Trust working with patient groups, GP surgeries, Wellbeing Exeter, RD&E and the community & voluntary sector to help Exeter residents access opportunities to better manage their own health concerns and conditions.

At the moment we are trying to map what health education opportunities, such as talks, one day events, training courses, and other activities, are already in existence, what’s worked well and what could be repeated. These could cover a wide range of health related issues including diet and nutrition, exercise, stopping smoking, mental and emotional wellbeing, etc. We also want to help promote any activities that are already happening.

We are also currently doing an online survey to find out what  health education activities residents would be interested in to help them manage and improve their own health.

You can complete the survey here and also please share with anyone in Exeter

The closing date for entries is 9 February 2020.