BBC report on top-up fees

You may have seen a recent report where a parent was wrongly being charged a top-up fee for the early years entitlement. Devon Early Years and Childcare Service wishes to remind all providers that charging the difference between the hourly rate you charge and the early years funding you receive is not allowed.

Providers are able to have an Additional Charges policy which should be shared with parents and detail the consumables and services that are provided in addition to you delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage. However, accessing the Additional Charges cannot be a condition of a child being offered a funded space.

If you are a provider who only allows the funding to be used within certain hours, your fees for other times can be inclusive of an additional charge and this is a private arrangement between parents and provider.

Coverage of this story has generated some enquiries from parents. It therefore may be a good time for you to share your charging policies with the families that you work with so that they can raise queries with you.

Any reports to the Devon Early Years and Childcare Service will be investigated in the normal way.

We will however, look to share some information in the Coffee Break sessions just to recap on deposits, modelling and charges.