Autumn term headcount task

The Autumn headcount task is now available with a deadline for submissions of 23.59 on Sunday 27th September 2020. Once submitted, further changes can be made if required up until the deadline – please just remember to resubmit so that the amendments come through to us for processing.

Please could we encourage you to complete and submit the task by Sunday 20th September 2020, if possible. This will enable us to see if any of the data submitted causes a conflict. Where this has occurred you will receive a Portal message and will then have the opportunity to correct this prior to the deadline. Please refer to the Provider Process for Pupils Sharing Early Years Funding which was trialled for the summer term amendments. Although this guidance still references the amendment task the process is also relevant to the Headcount task.

Funding deadlines are set to ensure funding can be paid at the earliest opportunity. Missed deadlines, tasks not being submitted and inaccurate or incomplete data can create a significant amount of additional administration so with this in mind admin charges will be reinstated from this term. Please refer to Annexe H of the Provider Agreement for more information.

Please can we also remind you that when editing the “Child Details” and adding information on to the “Carer Details” tab, the carer information needs to be for the Parent/Carer i.e. Child’s guardian NOT the childcare provider. Parent /Carer information is required to check eligibility for Early Years Pupil Premium if the parents are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Useful information on Early Years Funding:

Our helpdesk is available Monday – Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. You can contact us on 01392 385530 or you can contact us by email.

Early Years Funding Team